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Lets Start from the Beginning

We can all universally agree that life is complicated and full of complications. For most of us, life has left us with battle scars, trauma, or mental health issues. I know all too well how complicated life can get and how it can gravely affect you, hence the start of this blog journey. As the famous saying goes, "honesty is the best policy," so that is where I will start. I am still an evolving human like you and not a finished piece of artwork, I am still working on myself. It wasn't that long ago that I felt lost in the world. The no GPS in the middle of the woods lost, but somehow I made it back on the walking path, and I am making my way and starting this blog is a part of that.


Let's take it back to the beginning. I have loved writing since the day I could pick up a pen. Those pizza parties you get to attend when you pass writing FCAT (for all my Floridians) I was in those every year. In high school I turned writing into an entire job. I wrote essays, English projects, senior projects, and college application essays. You needed it, and I wrote it. I am not endorsing doing what I did in any way, but my writing hustle is ingrained in me. In college, I studied to be a journalist. I had goals and dreams to travel across the world reporting on discoveries, events and even signed up to be an intern in a shark week production. But life had other plans, and I became a mom to a beautiful baby girl a month after turning 20. My journey then became about motherhood and at the time an abusive relationship with her father which pushed me further away from my writing dreams. I am happy to report I am no longer with her father and was able to escape but that is a story for another day.

Writing took a long back seat ride, longer than I expected. Yet the urge to be a writer never stopped calling for me. In almost a poetic way, writing and venting was the spark I needed to start this new expedition. How did I get to this point? Well, after crumbling stress and anxiety that was a mix of my career and personal life situations. I was a ticking time bomb, as a result I ended up exploding, I quit my stressful job and had to work on my mental health. For over a week I was on my couch, moving when only necessary and crying. Once my daughter was home from school, I pretended I was okay until she was asleep, and then back to the couch to cry again. During that time, my partner for who I am internally grateful, was my rock, motivating me to get better. He encouraged me one day to " write it all out." That's what I did went to a local coffee shop and wrote and wrote some more until I had vented every crushing feeling that was bottled up. I was there for hours and I filled a whole notebook of emotions, letters to myself and anything else heavy on my heart. It then clicked for, not movie scene level, but the lighting in coffee shop gave it divine vibes. I realized that writing has always been my dream and should chase after it.

As you have probably figured out by now, part of this blog is for my selfish feelings allowing me to vent into the internet void and an excuse to write. Allowing me to express the words and thoughts that I have running through my head. The other part is to share what I am discovering, learning in hopes that I may be able to help someone else make life a little less complicated.

Everyone's complications are different, so full disclosure, my blog is not a cure-all. We all suffer battles unique to our life. I am here, to be honest about my life's complications and what I have discovered while trying to figure it out. If I help other people along the way, then I am even more blessed and motivated to keep writing. If you have read this far, I hope you are invested in this blog and continue to read, grow, learn and most important enjoy. Hopefully I can make life a little less complicated for the both of us.

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