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Get Yourself Some Needed Rest

No matter how much sleep you get, do you ever still feel exhausted, like the ten-hour nap you took just wasn’t enough sleep? If the answer is yes, then you are not alone. But it may be because we get the wrong sleep type for our bodies. Before you write me off as a crazy person, hear me out first.

I recently ended up in a deep rabbit hole on Twitter (as all great spirals start), and I found a thread talking about getting the proper rest and how to avoid burnout. It grabbed my attention because I have certainly been feeling burnout lately. Struggling to get out of bed, write or at times even eat. So I was open to any recommendations to get me out of this feeling.

Long behold, I found @SystemSunday thread about rest.

I always associated good rest with going to bed at a decent hour, not being on social media all day, and drinking water. But I was wrong, as I discovered. So I happily drove face-first into the thread and learned some interesting things.

Now I am no therapist or doctor, and I am not getting paid for these statements (but definitely see me if you would like to pay me), but I believe these are things everyone should know, especially if you are experiencing burnout. As I mentioned, let me give @SystemSunday his credit where it is due for this enlightening thread. In the thread, he discusses seven, but I will focus on three that I believe are the most helpful or at least for me.

1. Mental Rest

We are busy people who are constantly on the go. Between work overload and family, the lines can become intertwined very quickly and cause an overtaxing of your thinking. The amount of information we process on a routine basis can cause that burnout feeling. To help combat that, try these:

  • Mediate:

Give yourself a few minutes each day to tune out the world around you and focus on yourself and what you need at that moment.

  • Create a shutdown ritual to separate work and life balance:

Keep it separate from love, work is work, and you have a life outside that work. So after a long day, remember to shut down your work mood and be present in the moment.

2. Social Rest

Too many people want too much from you, and it is draining. Co-workers, bosses, friends, and even partners can become more of a burden than we signed up for. So first, as the thread points out, evaluate your relationships, and after that, try these:

  • Spend more time with the people who give you good positive energy and spend a lot less time with people who drain that energy.

Sounds simple and almost a given, but often we do not realize that our relationships are draining us. Taking out more than it does give.

3. Spiritual Rest

Find your inner peace and have a relationship with God, a spiritual guide, Universe, or whatever connects you to a higher power. In a sense, understanding that being a part of something bigger than yourself can help ground you. Try these to help.

  • Volunteer

Find something you are passionate about and give yourself a sense of purpose.

  • Journaling

Surrender yourself to the pen or keyboard, depending on your preference, and baring your soul to yourself. Allowing a place to express yourself without fear of judgment.

I am not saying that all of these will fix everything in your life, but they will help with that burnout feeling, giving you that much-needed rest in your life.

If you have other tips or want to send me your ideas (I always love welcome them) leave a comment or follow me on twitter @Honestlycomplex.

As always please to buy me a coffee or if you would like to hire me, find me on FIVVER or my contact page.

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